The people behind Chris Hall Motorcycles

Henry Hall

Dad (Henry Hall)

Although Dad is no longer with us, he's in our thoughts  almost every day, we miss him drinking coffee, playing with his own bikes, or simply enjoying a natter with customers - many of whom he sold bikes to many years ago!

Chris Hall

Chris Hall

Since leaving school at the age of 16, Chris has been in the motorcycle business for over 35 years. Chris started working with his dad's (Henry Hall) business, Cusworth Distributors Ltd in Doncaster and took control of the business in 1991 when Henry retired.

The recession sadly took hold of Cusworths, but Chris wasn't to be beaten - he acquired the present premises from the receivers and started again, in his own name, trading purely in very high quality used bikes and classic bikes.

Chris's love of motorcycles began at a very early age and developed competitively into Trials Riding with his dad, where he excelled as a trials rider - right up to the point where a very nasty accident left Chris with a badly injured leg, which put a stop to his competitive riding, although he still loves non competitive riding to this day.

Ian 'Chewy'Chorlton

3RD GENERATION - Chris Hall junior

Some might say "A chip off the old block" as may have been said with me & my father at Cusworths all those years ago!!!

Helping Dad out inbetween his 12 hours shifts, keeping our trains safe & on the railways!!!

Chris junior is a keen motocrosser, party animal, "makes all his own dresses" & last but not least our expert van driver valeter! If you are lucky enough to have his service, please let me (Dad) know how he performs.

Ian 'Chewy'Chorlton

Ian 'Chewy' Chorlton

According to both Chris and Dad, Chewy is a star. A youngish man full of life and tremendous energy and enthusiasm for everything he does. He loves motorcycles, Ducati's in particular, is keen on track days and Enduro riding, which he does competitively.

Prior to joining Chris, he was involved in the Cycle industry and from 199 - 2005, he competed in 'Iron Man Triathlon' events worldwide.